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Password Reset is our state of the art password removal solution, used to remove your forgotten Windows password. This safe & effective tool is guaranteed to get you logged back into your computer.

If you've been told that the only way to get back into your computer is to reinstall Windows, you can be assured that this is not the case. Never lose your data with this powerful software.


Password Reset is a specially formatted CD or USB thumb-drive, which displays your usernames & allows you to remove your forgotten password with simple click of your mouse. It works with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

No special tools or installation discs are needed. Just insert the reset tool, start up your computer & follow the on-screen instructions. Printed instructions are also included.


Order Password Reset today to receive our Instant Download and/or Worldwide Shipping & Instant Download.

Our Password Reset Tool consists of everything you need to remove your Windows login password.


Password Reset specializes in the removal of Windows passwords. We've helped thousands of individuals, companies and even local & federal law enforcement agencies. We are the go-to solution for your forgotten password needs.

Our contact information is clearly posted on our website, so you can be certain you are dealing with a legitimate business. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


If you are unable to log into your computer because you've forgotten your password, our solution will immediately solve your problem. Don't risk losing all your valuable data, when you can simply remove your forgotten password using our proven, state of the art removal solution.


If you have a question about our product, or need support, just contact us for help. Support is provided by phone, email or by using our Support Forum. You will be personally assisted by the owner of Password Reset, who is a Windows password specialist, located in the US. As a Microsoft Certified technician, he has over 20 years in the computer repair industry.


Visit our forum to ask questions or make comments. It's loaded with questions and answers from other users who have used our reset tool. Click the image below to enter our Support Forum.

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Dana Hauser is a Microsoft Certified Technician

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  • Located in the USA

  • CD & USB versions

  • Removes any local Windows password on all versions & service packs

  • Easy to use graphical interface

  • 100% success rate

  • Displays, resets, enables any local user account

  • Completely safe, doesn't alter any files or programs

  • For home, office, repair shops, field technician's and more

  • Friendly technical support provided


"This is a great product! I followed the instructions and watched the video and was able to unlock the accounts. The screens were very clear -- loved that the instructions were on the screen when I unlocked the accounts. A very useful and easy to use product."

- Ellen


"Hi Dana
Your product is really easy to use - the instructions are so clear. It's great to be able to use my laptop again!

Best Regards"

- Rob Chappell
Shrewsbury, England


"Somehow I accidentally changed my password and was locked out. Your software saved everything! It worked flawlessly! Thank You!"

- Elmo Banning



"I researched this solution for a couple of days, sorting out fact from fiction and looking at the various offerings available. Yours was the linked from Kim Komando's page - and that went a long way toward credibility with me, then your fully informative and very easy to understand video (and website) sold me.

I downloaded your software onto a flashdrive on a working PC, popped the Flashdrive into the "locked out" PC and booted off the Flashdrive. In two or three simples steps I was back in business!

Thanks! What a great product!

I felt like a dummy when I accidentally locked myself out of my PC, but I'm glad I took the time to find your solution. "

- All the best - Jed Marum



"Dana,I have went on many sites to find a fix for my other computer and have got burned (excuse the pun). I found your site and watched your video. I than left a message and you retuned my call to Canada within minutes. You helped me download what I needed and made sure the program fixed my other laptop. It now WORKS GREAT!!!! It is so rewarding to actually find an honest person like yourself that takes pride and wants to help people. Thank You once again for all your help and I will be sure to advise others of your site."

- Shannon G.



"This is awesome software. Thank YOU!!!!"

- Pierre Uys



"Dana, Thank you the activation worked like a charm. I had a client who was locked out since November. Awesome tool. You made my company sevices look great! You can quote that."

- Lamont L. Ford
Valor Consulting, LLC



"You are a life saver, rock star and a God send!!!! I went to another site first and it didn't work. Yours did. Yours is AMAZING. I just want to thank you because Dell told me I had to either pay them $129 and risk losing my data or just lose everything and reinstall the operating system. Thank you - a million thanks!!!"

- Courtney Bissett



"This program worked perfectly. Forgotten password on Windows 7 with one user so completely locked out. So very simple to download and to use so save yourself some time and stay away from the so-called free fixes. I can not recommend this enough sorry I wasted so much time before I broke down and purchased this fix and I say again everything was perfect."

- Bobby G



"Dear Dana - Your disc worked great I am now up and running again. 1st. class product."

- Eddie Fingret



"This program worked perfectly. Forgotten password on Windows 7 with one user so completely locked out. So very simple to download and to use so save yourself some time and stay away from the so-called free fixes. I can not recommend this enough sorry I wasted so much time before I broke down and purchased this fix and I say again everything was perfect."

- Bobby G



"My Son forgot his password on an old computer. Of course he called his Dad. I found your program on the internet. It is so easy to use, even a newby could use it. I was able to remove the old password. Once you download the program, and burn it to a CD, and aquire the validate numbers, it takes a few minutes, and every thing is put back, so you can reboot, without a password screen. Many thanks for a fine program. Seasons Greetings"

- Richard McQuillan of Langley, B.C. Canada



"I purchased Password Reset almost 3 years ago, and today had an elderly neighbor call me to say she'd forgotten her windows password. I emailed and left a voice mail for Dana, not even knowing if he was still in business, but had a call back from him within an hour. Good software is one thing, - (and "Password Reset" is very good), - but the customer service and can-do attitude Dana brings to the game, makes this product PHENOMENAL. Thank You so much and kudos to you Dana!!"

- Andrew Smith



"WONDERFUL :) :) I was so upset that I couldn't remember my password but thanks to Dana an this Password-Reset Program I no longer have to sign in as a guest user on my on computer. It was as simple as explained an worth every dime to me. Thank you so so much Dana :D"

- Elaine



"Hello There, Thank you so much! 2 years ago both my parents died in a road traffic accident and after their deaths I was unable to see all their photographs and videos on their computer. You have helped me so much, Thank YouYours"

- Lindsay x



"After days of typing in multiple combinations of what I thought the password was for my daughter's computer (she forgot what she had used), I finally realized that I was not going to get into her computer for her. I downloaded and installed Dana's 'Password-Reset' software onto a disk and followed the instructions and within only a couple minutes we were able to access her computer. THANKS! Great Software! What is promised is delivered!"

- Rick C



"I recieved a call from my Daughter about her not being able to get in to her windows account because she forgot the password, not the first time. The last time she purchased a removal tool online but has since lost that. I told her about your site and she downloaded it and had no success running it. She was trying to boot to the cd and run it using a cordless keyboard and mouse. She brought me the system today and in less than 3 minutes she was up and running again. What a great and easy to use product. Thank You."

- Homero Gonzalez



"A bit pricey but worth the time I saved. Too bad I did not do this sooner I would have saved myself a lot of time. From download to recovery it only took me 4 minutes. Thanks again for your help."

- Pablo Reyes



"yet again another few days wasted on trying to sort out my wifes laptop due to the kids or their mates changing it. this site is brill, i had no problems with downloading the software, or paypale for the key code. many thanks from the uk."

- Tony



"My daughter changed her password on her laptop. She then forgot to write it down or make a disk with the password. Your software worked great. Thank you very much. My daughter will be happy she will not have to take her laptop somewhere to get the password reset. Thanks, again."

- Dennis



"This password reset worked just as fast and easy as shown on the video on the home page of this web site. I would really recommend this to anyone who needs their computer password unlocked. IT'S NO JOKE!!!"

- Kinsley Meldrum



"Spent the last three days trying all sorts of "Free programs" "ophcrack, login, offline nt etc" to no avail. Just ended up with a pile of useless discs. Should have guessed at the word "Free". Burnt yours to disc and it loaded first time, Hooray!!. Smooth transaction via paypal and instant result. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity. Yours gratefully, "

- Greg Bolton



"OMG! Dana, you are truly a life saver I was at my wits end trying to figure out what to do besides buy another computer. I must say that your software does everything that you say it would thank you for destressing me."

- Veronica



"Wow What a relief a Live Voice to guide you through (if Needed Which I did) So Worth it. Thank you"

- Charles Lehman



"I'm a busy technician and swear by this tool. I've been using it for about 4 years now and use it regularly and it takes passwords off in under one minute! It's the best password removal tool there is! BRILLIANT!"

- Andy Winter



"Excellent customer service. Dana's product works like a charm. Fully recommend the product."

- Satisfied Customer



"It worked perfect thanks."

- Dave DeAngelo



"Kudos and Thank you for your fabulous program. I purchased the Activation Key after running the boot disc and I was looking at the desktop in seconds. This is a great program. I made calls to computer repair places local and was told I needed to do data recover and reinstall windows at a cost of $125.00 and 24 to 48 hours time. YOU blew them out of the water."

- Anna



"Hello Dana, Thank you for your prompt reply. The program worked perfectly and I was able to rest my Windows XP password. I have been saved much embarrassment. Best wishes"

- Laurie



"Unbelievable! Great Software. Your software saved me MANY hours of labor re-formatting and re-installing software all because I was foolish and forgot myWindows administrator password! Thank-you so much!"

- Tom



"Dana, I would be delighted to have you put this on your new web site. Dana is a man of his word. When I couldn't figure out rest my administrator password. I contacted him via e-mail. His response was imitate, even when is was a holiday. I continued to struggle, My issues not his. He phoned me and walked me through the process. I couldn't be happier or more gratefully."

- A#1 MOM in Marine



"Dana, Your instruction was right on the money. As so as I put in the user name in only and hit enter, it allowed me to log in. Thanks for your help, you and your software have saved me further hours of anguish. A grateful user"

- Tom



"Thanks for you quick response... I must say the password-rest is the best password recovring software.. It works just as you say."

- Simore



"absolutely amazing i tried another so called program and 3 days and 40 hours later nothing i tried this and less then 3 mins im back on i almost paid 150 to have my password reset thank you so so much"

- adam



"Hi, This is a testimonial from a very grateful user. I am the President of the Board of Directors for a non-profit Arts Agency in Connecticut. We recently lost our Executive Director, and though she had told us her usercode andpassword , they didn't work on the computer. I purchased and downloaded your password reset program and it worked perfectly! Now we can get back into the main desktop computer at our office and retrieve much-needed files. Thank you so much! I am very grateful!"

- Dianne D



"Wow, I tried a few others had to fight for my money back. You guys are the real deal. I would recommend your product. The pay pal is a nice touch to let people know you are legit. Thanks,"

- Terry;Olando,FL



"Dana, Thank you very much!!!! Your help has saved me Hours of reprogramming my Laptop! It was so easy to recover my Windows XP password. Thanks for your diligence in your emails and follow up! It really was simple, once you took me step by step! With Much Gratitude"

- April



"Your product is the first third party program that I have ever purchased that worked just as described. Thanks for the effective tool."

- Jerome P



"Absolutely fantastic Dana!! You have one grateful user in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates. I will recommend this program to anyone."

- Omar


"OK, I was a total skeptic. I was sure that I was throwing away good money and would have my CC number stolen to boot. I WAS WRONG! This was so easy. You saved the day."

- Karen



"What a great help!! We bought a used pc for our kids, from an auction, I came home hooked it up & needed a passcode!! Thanks so much!"

- Edward



"Brilliant Dana, within five minutes of putting install file onto floppy everything is working ok, once again thank you for removing myWindows password."

- Terry



"YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR!!!!!!! WHAT CAN I SAY, EXCEPT i shall stop typing in caps and thank you loads and loads. your fantastic!!! this worked a treat and im now back in my system (phew!!!) you deserve a medal and your support is over what i could ever have expected. thank you"

- Julie



"Many thanks for your password reset software. Excellent results, easy to use and clear instructions. Well done."

- John Pears



"Hi, I just want to thank you for your password reset program. I changed my daughter's laptop from her school domain to my local network and then could not log into Windows. of course, her important files were not backed-up (why listen to Pops? he's OLD and STUPID). After wasting my time and money with Dell and Microsoft, I decided some sleep was in order so I can start fresh in the morning. Before I dozed off, I thought I'd check PC World .com and saw your ad. I was expecting the worst, some $99.00 program that would not work after I plunked down my cash. When I saw the price, I HAD to give it a shot. I had a slight problem creating the disk, but I'm familiar with ISO files and was able to create the CD. It worked BEYOND my expectations and was so easy. Thank you for this EXCELLENT program and thank you for not being greedy. You are a life saver! Regards"

- Mike



"Dana, Feel free to put me down as a reference - I have now just managed to gain access to my computer again - after two days of dealing with MS support staff. Your SW is great. Regards,"

- Darby A (CEO)



"Thank you so much! Your software helped me get a number of computers back to an operational level. For all those people that are skeptical or concerned about the effectiveness of this software - DON'T BE! It works!!"

- Glenn Round



"Dude You Rock! This worked Faster, better and easier than you advertise! I cannot thank you enough!"

- Kevin J



"Password-Reset was a life saver. I was skeptical and I prayed it would work. What I actually found was it was brilliant, exactly to the instructions and worked first time. Genius! Regards"

- Craig



"THANKS .... for your software Password Reset :-D It really worked... and I had myself in a pickle."

- Steve



"Dana: Thanks for your rapid response last night. The resetter worked exactly as advertised. I have full access to my laptop once I reset my XP password. My company MIS experts said that I would have to reinstall the OS. Go figure."



"I would just like to say THANK YOU for your great product! I used it on my Server because I couldn't remember the password as I don't access it very often! Now, I am able to log in and regain control over my computer. Vista is suppose to be impossible to break, but guess what!!!! It was done... When I was looking at this website I honestly thought it was a joke and I would have to dispute the transaction because it would not work. Now that I have used your product, I HIGHLY recommend it to ANYONE that needs help getting rid of their password on their computer! Thanks,"

- Michael Jenkis - A VERY happy customer



"I must admit yours was the second company I tried; the first company's product took twenty minutes to download and then Norton alerted the file could be dangerous (not frequently downloaded). I liked that A) Norton approved of the download and B) you accept PayPal. Once the disk was made, resolving the locked password was a breeze. If any other skeptics are out there, I hope this testimonial will help. Easier than I thought it would be."

- Cynthia



"THANKS SO MUCH!!! You guys are a lifesaver!!! I called dell and they wanted completely restore my operating system and I would've lost so much business information. I owe so much to you!! It worked perfectly and easily! Thanks so much!!!!!"

- Tiffany



"Please feel free to add me to your testimonials page. I am a software and hardware engineer with 20+ years of experience. I am very impressed with your product, your support, and your great attitude. Password Reset is a wonderful and invaluable product. You have been extremely responsive and provided a very high level of service. I need more software products (like yours) with great people who support them (like you). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

- Rusty



"I bought the corporate version and 10 mins later I am logged in and server back online! I was sceptical after quite a few failures with other software but your product is amazing, our server is very high spec, multi raid 2008 server R2 etc. etc. and it just worked and so simple to use! Saved me hours and hours... I really can't thank you enough, I will recommend it to anyone. Kind Regards,"

- Bob Woods



"Thank You so much,that was the best $35.00 i have ever spent!! PERFECT!!!!!!"

- Lisa



"dana i think your password reset is the best you said it is so easy to made me a happey man .saved me lots of money and time."

- kurt



"Fantastic. An instant fix. Thankyou a quick and easy purchase of the key. Thanks again."

- Steve Shaw



"Dana... You are my hero. Worked first time no bother! Tried other solutions but nothing worked. It could only have been a virus that had changed my password - I never ever change it (maybe not a good thing) so I do not forget my password. $50 is a small price to pay to get all my work documents back. Would have cost me a lot more if I'd had to wipe my system & lose them all. You're a star :o) I swear that if I ever meet anyone who admits to writing viruses... I think you know the rest!! Cheers... ...Alan =8^)"

- Alan Watt



"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your software worked perfectly. It saved me untold hours, maybe days if I had to rebuild my pc from scratch. I live in Silicon Valley and my tech friends said I would have to rebuild my pc. I'm going to tell everyone I know about your solution."

- Ron



"wow i am pleased with your support, wow you have really rescued me from disaster , i would have been in a hard time with my boss, but now i am safe thank you very much!!!!"

- Eric




"This worked "GREAT".....I'm In Thank-You very much. I thought I lost the laptop for ever......"

- Scott P



""MIRACLE WORKER" is the only way I can describe Password Reset. This is the BEST $40.00 I have ever spent in my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting me back into my computer (I've been trying for 3 days). I was quoted $95.00 an hour today to bring my computer in and have it checked and possibly have it fixed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Bernice, NY



"Great job, I have searched for a legitimate company to help me gain back my password. At one point I started to download one recovery program and Praise the Lord my antivirus software stopped it before it damaged my computer. When I found you guys I searched and searched to see if you were a scam. Guess what, you weren't. I have my computer back up and running."

- Angie



"Thanks so much for your help. The CD worked excellently and I was able to get back into my computer so very quickly. I would definately recommend this to others. Thanks again!"

- Dorean Reed



"I must admit i was a little apprehensive to use this program at first. But i downloaded the softwear up until i needed the key, and everything was described exactly as website said it would. THANK YOU PASSWORD RESET FOR ALLOWING ME TO AGAIN ACCESS MY COMPUTER AND RECOVER MY CHILDRENS BABY PHOTOS. I will be recommending you to everyone. Truely gratefull."

- Renee



"I cannot say enough about this site and the customer support. I was initially "ripped off" by another site, reached out to Dana and and was responded immediately. In fact, Dana personally, late evening, helped me to understand I was just deceived by another predatory site, walked me through the process to reverse my previous purchase, stayed with me via email over the HOLIDAY weekend making sure I was comfortable and understanding of each step. He reached out on Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Holiday) and on Tuesday as promised, once I was back to square one, easily showed me (video on his site) step by step how to gain access to my laptop. I have priceless business documents and highly personal data on my laptop and would have suffered immeasurable loss, however this software, in literally minutes - from start to finish - had me in my laptop, access to all my files and on my way. I have owned my own business for better than 27 years, Dana and his organization are heads and shoulders above any of the tech service companies I have ever dealt with. Friendly, patient and will go above and beyond "traditional" customer service to help you get through a very stressful moment. I RECOMMEND this software and this site to EVERYONE who has need for this service. I don't hand out recommendations/testimonials very easily, but today I would sing praises for this company and their support. Dana, excellent product and even better customer service ... THANK YOU Tom Martino"

- Tom Martino



"Dana I'm really impressed with this software and the service. Worked first time and the reassuring video taking me through the steps before buying - is a really nice touch. Good stuff. Thank you. Darren"

- Darren



"Fantastic! Easy, and to the point! Thanks for the great job! Saved me thousand headaches!"

- SM




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